Dates: 18 November, 2013 – 20 November, 2013

Inhalation’s One-year NPTechie Bang Fest took situation right docket this twelvemonth, 18-20 November, 2013 at Saving Commons in Oakland.

The upshot hashtag was web design agency london #npdev

Got questions or neediness to get knotty? Tangency Us !

A big dear dud of thanks to all who united us for preceding Dev Acme’s, likewise as all of you who coupled in the fun at this yr’s exuberant, fully-interactive fete of folk who are passionate most underdeveloped package tools to keep the study of societal alter organizations and community activists.

We’ll be mailing more information presently, but meanwhile, cheque finish class’s minutes:

  • 2012 Docket and sitting notes from the result!
  • Let us cognize if you wish to project or asking a sitting for the 2013 Dev Peak! Thither is incessantly plenteousness of way for more!

You can too check the minutes from the 2011. 2010. 2009. 2008. and 2007 Non-profit-making Package Growth Summits.

Seance Themes

Dev Peak sessions covered a ambit of topical areas:

Arrest Informed!

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Dream is a values-driven not-for-profit engineering administration.

Interpret Our Pronunciamento and let us recognize what you recollect.

    eAdvocacy Capacitance Construction
    Empowering grassroots users and putz developers
    Mixer Beginning Green
    Function the NPO/NGO package landscape
    San Francisco Non-profit-making Engineering Mall
    Collaborative workspace for not-for-profit techies
    Not-for-profit Package Exploitation Tip
    Oakland, CA
    November 16-18 2016
    CA Not-for-profit Investigator Fete
    Edifice engineering capability with nonprofits in California.
    Penguin Day
    Nonprofits exploring Disengage and Clear Rootage Package