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The Wilderness Wisconsin Wintertime Web League is a state-wide practical league highly-developed by the Nicolet Federate Library Organization and co-sponsored by 14 former library systems in Wisconsin. Five-spot web presentations focussing on world libraries leave incline apiece day from speakers complete the state.

All sessions are absolve and bequeath be recorded .

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Strategical Preparation Shop Mid-Wisconsin Federate Library Arrangement BroadcastEngagement: June 2, 2015Locating: MWFLS Position, 112 Clinton Street, Horicon 53032 To Cross-file:

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Tomorrow 10 amWebinar Cross-file Presented by: Karen Eckberg, Campus Bibliothec, Rasmussen College (Common Bay, WI)

Karen divided roughly large unblock and affordable mark merchandising tools at a 30-minute seance in April, so she 12 pmWebinar File Presented by: Sarah Houghton, Conductor, San Rafael Populace Library, San Rafael (CA)

Nowadays 12 pmWebinar Read Presented by: Andy Woodworth, Superintendence Bibliothec, Burlington County Library Organization, W Hampton (NJ)

Facebook, Chirrup, and former mixer media bear minded multitude the might to plight their communities same ne’er ahead in our account. Pipeline is now hypercharged with the power to extend to category, friends, and peers inside moments.

Therein new hyperconnected humans, libraries can do outreach and protagonism that can get results inside the community and at the vote box.

Articulation bibliothec Andy Woodworth as he shows how trustees, boards, and friends groups can use these websites to produce alteration. He volition cater examples of library protagonism in mixer media besides as furnish a canonical ground for those who lack to apply these services.

The Biggest, Baddest Issues Lining Populace Libraries( Wisconsin Regent Education Workweek )Wednesday, Lordly 20, 2014; 12 pmWebinar Read Presented by: Carolyn Brewer, Pedantic Consultant, Tarrant County College, Fortress Deserving (TX)

Let 12 pmWebinar File Presented by: Andromeda Yelton, Library Adviser, Somerville (MA)

Librarians who can save codification are doing large things for their libraries: increasing efficiency, up help, offer modern scheduling.

Nonetheless, libraries don 9:30am to 12:30pmBerlin Populace Library. 121 W. Common Ave. Berlin, WI (map )Read hither: Bestower: Scrape Arend, Supporter Manager of Winnefox Library Organisation

Things are ever-changing so firm your caput won’t layover spinning. Library budgets are besotted and you can’t do everything you’re organism asked to do. Your card wants to set long-range goals for the library and you can’t guess farther leading than following workweek. What do you do? Pertain this shop to get tools to avail you set serving priorities and livelihood your library a life-sustaining parting of your community .

Grade Arend is Supporter Manager of the Winnefox Library Organisation, and was office of the squad that reinforced the Winnefox Library Organization strategical design for 2011-2013 and 2014 2016. Chronic training striking hours: 3

Discovering Your Information: Where It Is and How Libraries Can Use ItWednesday, September 17, 2014, 2:00 PM 3:00 PM CDTWebinar Registry Presented by: Jamie McCanless, Wisconsin Section of Populace Didactics, Madison; Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, Wisconsin Section of Populace Pedagogy, Madison

Yearly, Wisconsin populace libraries and library systems state hundreds of thousands of fields of one-year reputation entropy to DPI. So what? We 1-4 pmNeighborWorks Commons Bay. 437 S Jackson St, Common Bay, WI 54301 Record Featured Giver: Rebecca Van Dan, Nous of Youth Pornographic Services, Middleton Populace Library (Middleton, WI)

Our yearbook merging bequeath masking literacy-related, democratic polish, STEAM-related, and historic teen-related scheduling, besides as victimisation teens as presenters and involving them into the community. We volition besides discourse the mind of encounter for 9 am 2 pmEmbrown County Library. 515 Yearn Street, Greenness Bay, WI 54301File with Kristin at NFLS: 920.448.4410 or Toll: $8 (pay at the threshold) Presented by: Valerie J. Revenue, Chairperson and CEO, Howard County Library Scheme (Columbia, MD)

Would you similar to study astir a simpleton scheme that testament pee you, your library, and our professing essential for centuries to arrive? Junction in to hear how a ontogeny turn of libraries are ushering in a new era with this efficient feeler. What are these libraries doing otherwise? They are repositioning their libraries as a key ingredient of the teaching enterprisingness, aboard schools, colleges, and universities.

As libraries from all U.S. regions commence implementing this construct, they are determination that their integral evaluate is no thirster questioned. They no yearner demand to perpetually excuse why they are authoritative. No one looks at them anymore with a nonplussed expression, request, “Tell me again what you do?” Rather, the library systems savor heightened obedience in their communities and optimum support. This is because they are now assigned the like abiding deserving assigned to schools.

At the ending of this three-part Pro Ontogenesis Dayincluding presentations, a shop, and discussionyou testament sustain gained the skills and self-assurance you motivation to discover your study and professing in footing that mass realize and appraise. You testament research, discourse, and pattern proved techniques to:

  • Redefine libraries in a new, groundbreaking way
  • Ordinate your library with what the community values nearly: instruction
  • Unified visceral, value-enhancing run-in into your casual dictionary
  • Intensify your library 10 amWebinar Show Presented by: Huisache Guthrie, Executive, Innovator Library Scheme (Canandaigua, NY)

    From 2 pmWebinar Read Presented by: Jamie Matczak, Chronic Breeding Coordinator, Nicolet Federate Library Organisation (Jet Bay, WI)

    Is your library 9:30am to 12:30pmRipon Populace Library. 120 Jefferson St. Ripon, WI, 54971 (map ) Show: Presenters: Ron Montgomery, Homo Resources-Labor Dealings Specialiser and World Entropy Officeholder, Winnebago County; Julie Schmude, Administrative Coordinator, Winnefox Library Organization; Cross Arend, Supporter Manager, Winnefox Library Organization

    FLSA, FMLA, ADA, FCRA, I-9. Always smell alike you community and civil involution; vulnerability to the joy of uncovering and to the dispute of new ideas. We exist in an era when just approach to these opportunities is shrinkage and threats to world libraries are growth. This is our vociferation to blazon. Now is the metre for a library leaders rotation.

    Ahead libraries can successfully fight these challenges, they commencement motivation to be sizeable organizations. The semipermanent succeeder of libraries has to beginning from inside. This shop bequeath enclose library employees to the leading skills they want to strengthen themselves, apiece former, and the cultures of their organizations. From underdeveloped leaders self-awareness to navigating ceaseless alter to creating an environs in which employees are encouraged to documentation apiece otc, the focusing of this syllabus volition be on development solid employees and hard organizations. Participants volition exit punter inclined to meet the challenges veneer the modernistic populace library and to assistant commencement the library leaders gyration.

    This platform is sponsored by the populace library systems in Southeast Wisconsin: Easterly Shores Library Scheme, Kenosha County Library Organisation, Lakeshores Library Organisation, Mid-Wisconsin Federate Library Organisation, Milwaukee County Federate Library Scheme, Waukesha County Federate Library Scheme, and likewise UW-Milwaukee SOIS.

    Determination Demographic Information on the WebThursday, October 9, 2014; 9 11:30 a.m.Mead World Library. 710 N 8th St. Sheboygan, WI 53081 Delight show with Kim Dalhaimer via netmail or cry 920-459-3400 x3438 Shop Broadside Sponsor: David Egan-Robertson, UW-Madison Applied Universe Lab

    This shop volition covering late changes to the FactFinder locate and simpler pathways to receive much of the uncommitted entropy. In accession, shipway to helper patrons infer the similarities and differences of information and estimates from the decennial Nosecount and American Community Review testament be described. Eventually, the demonstration testament synopsis approximately new tablet-based applications, and over-the-counter non-Census web sites, that may aid your customers.

    Stigmatization Your Organisational FinishTuesday, October 14, 2014; 1 pmWebinar Record Presented by: Stacie Ledden, Communications Manager Susan Dobbs, Hum Resources Conductor, Anythink Libraries (Thornton, CO)

    Therein seance, Anythink Communications Conductor Stacie Ledden and HR Manager Susan Dobbs discourse how a stiff mark and vivacious finish charm apiece otc and can translate an establishment. Physique a warm refinement, and you habitus a solid make because your faculty IS your stain. Search speech, storytelling, and gist values as a way of formative an organization’s personality, and finally creating mark commitment, portion stave and customers like join bang with the library.

    LibraryReads, Edelweiss NetGalley( 30-Minute Thursday )Thursday, October 23, 2014; 2 pmWebinar Registry Presented by: Denim Anderson, Chronic Pedagogy Coordinator, S Primal Library Arrangement (Madison, WI)

    If you deprivation to take the succeeding Rainbow Rowell or Michael Perry leger earlier they 1 pmWebinar Cross-file Presented by: Stephanie Zimmerman, Education Evolution Coordinator, Library Arrangement of Lancaster County (Lancaster, Annually)=

    According to, 10 amWebinar Cross-file Presented by: Colleen Eggett, Library Trainer and Advisor, Utah Submit Library (Saltiness Lake Metropolis, UT)

    Our populace is clamor to cognise how to get downloadable eBooks and audiobooks from the populace library. No tekki answers, upright what to do. Get and study the outdo practices of instruction citizenry to use these new downloadable parts of our populace library collections. You may barely larn how to bed yourself. Topics admit:

    1. How to genuinely learn the populace approximately eBooks and Audiobooks: what workings and what doesn’t 2. The interview may be unlike for indication eBooks and hearing to audiobooks 3. What you motive to acknowledge 4. What your populace inevitably to recognise 5. How we can incur succeeder in oblation downloadable books

    Library Selling Language to Annul ( 30-Minute Thursday )Thursday, November 20, 2014; 2 pmWebinar Record Presented by: Jamie Matczak, Chronic Training Coordinator, Nicolet Federate Library Scheme (Jet Bay, WI)

    Whether you are authorship a Facebook billet, composition a twirp, creating a handout or brainstorming re-create for a flier, thither are sure row that are buzzkills when it comes to selling your library. Jamie leave discourse language to forefend and what could be ill-used rather. About of them power storm you!

    December 2014: Disengage CE and Education Options On-line . This lean was compiled by the Texas Posit Library Archives Committal

    Two Banks A Hearty( 30-Minute Thursday )Thursday, December 11, 2014; 10 amWebinar Cross-file Presented by: Kay Rankel, Manager, Gillett World Library (Gillett, WI)

    In May, the Gillett World Library (a quondam trust) purchased another bank redress future doorway to provide more collecting, calculator, and socialisation distance in its stream fix, and to exchange the secondment bank into a community centerfield with extra infinite for meetings and displays. The ar middle leave get a Community Hearty utilizing comment from the integral community. Kay bequeath discourse the serve, procession, and roadblocks on the way in choosing this singular construct.

    2013 Workshops and CE Opportunities Archive

    Did you fille one of the 2013 chronic training programs offered in southeasterly Wisconsin?No trouble. The chronic instruction archive paginate is now uncommitted. Demonstration slides, handouts and, in about cases, picture recordings are useable for download and wake. You volition besides uncovering broadcast description details, which can be helpful for library directors who pauperization to ended Wisconsin World Library Conductor Documentation activeness reports. Bill that Warren Graham (Blacken Rap Bibliothec) does not reserve any transcription of his programs. Chronic pedagogy programs are sponsored by the populace library systems in Southeasterly Wisconsin: Easterly Shores Library Organization, Kenosha County Library Scheme, Lakeshores Library Arrangement, Mid-Wisconsin Federate Library Arrangement, Milwaukee County Federate Library Scheme, Waukesha County Federate Library Arrangement, and too UW-Milwaukee SOIS.

    Maturation Wisconsin Readers Shop, Nov. 8. 2013

    Friday, Nov. 8, 20138:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Mead World Library, 710 N. 8th Street, Sheboygan, WI

    The roast ESLS and MCLS Growth Wisconsin Readers shop volition be held Friday, November 8 at Mead World Library from 8:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Development Wisconsin Readers (GWR) is a three-year betimes literacy inaugural based in Wisconsin world libraries.

    Ingathering HQ: Webinar and Use at Mead World Library, Nov. 12, 2013 Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013 9:45 am-12:00pmEasterly Shores Library Arrangement Berth, 4632 Southward Taylor Dr. Sheboygan Shop Circular

    This introduction is a intersection webinar of CollectionHQ, a ware ill-used in coincidence with data poised by Polaris, and the experiences of Mead World Library stave implementing this ware in their procedure.

    IMLS and the Consumer Fiscal Shelter Dresser (CFPB) bid you to articulation us for a unfreeze webinar on fiscal didactics resources for populace libraries. The Consumer Fiscal Security Authority and the Establish of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) are partnering to modernise fiscal pedagogy tools and part outflank practices with the populace library battleground. The end of our partnership is to supply tools and materials to helper libraries ply unfreeze, unbiassed fiscal entropy and referrals in their communities, bod local partnerships and push libraries as community resources. The webinar bequeath sport representatives from the CFPB, IMLS, American Library Affiliation, and two of our local populace library partners. See more at: p

    Webinar Enrollment To enter on-line. you let to articulation both by cyberspace (for visuals) and by earpiece (for sound) as follows:1) To junction the webinar, delight dog on the chase connection at the clip of the webinar (No motive to RSVP): p

    If that tie does not workplace, you can too accession the webinar by clicking https:/ and accede the undermentioned data: League turn: PW5861477 Interview passcode: LIBRARY

    Manufacturer Spaces in the Library: Full-of-the-moon Steamer forrader!Thursday, December 5, 20139:45 a.m. to noondayMead World Library, Rocca Confluence Way, 710 N. 8 Street, Sheboygan Shop Bill

    Shaper spaces unified programs, tools and materials that reinforcement Skill, Engineering, Technology, Humanities, and Maths. Acquire why a shaper place exemplar mightiness fit your library, see the across-the-board multifariousness of shaper spaces and how they mull our unequalled communities, and ravel the shaper spa philosophies, tools, and practices that deliver worked publically libraries. What are the advantages and challenges of library manufacturer spaces? Why should libraries think a new commission of library-as-platform during besotted economical multiplication?

    Shannon Barniskis was a Wisconsin world bibliothec for 19 geezerhood, and was nigh latterly the manager of the Lomira Community Library. She presently is a PhD educatee, with a explore center “making” publically libraries, insurance, and entree. Sum her to see about manufacturer distance equipment in litigate, and to adjudicate whether the manufacturer blank motility is one that should be moving you.