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Our translators not only understand the world’s languages, they understand the world of business.

Companies and professionals in a wide range of industries rely on Star to meet their translating needs. Here is a list of some of the industries with whom we regularly work:

Legal Translating

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The Star Interpreting client list includes many of the most highly regarded law firms in the United States. Legal work is the foundation of our business. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and professionalism.

We understand the importance of accurate legal translations.

Our translators have extensive experience and superior skills.

This enables us to provide high quality translations in the complex world of legal documentation.
Since our translators have highly developed skills in both languages, they capture every nuance.
All translated documents can be certified for acceptance by any court or government in the United States.

Projects are carefully edited, proofread and delivered on time.

Among the legal documents we translate are:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage licenses
  • Divorce certificates
  • School transcripts
  • Patents
  • Medical records
  • Contracts
  • Tax and financial records
  • Foreign language transcriptions

Insurance Translating

The roster of insurance companies we work with includes a wide range of firms throughout the United States. For these clients, we translate policies, medical records and insurance conference information.

Website Translations

In today’s global economy, it’s important that websites are easily understandable to those who speak various languages. This enables clients or potential clients to feel comfortable that you will be sensitive to their needs and able to work with them in the language they are comfortable speaking. We can expertly translate your website into one additional language or more.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Translating

We specialize in pharmaceutical and medical work where an understanding of detailed scientific medical terms goes hand in hand with precision.

Translating Labels, inserts & Packaging

We translate copy on all types of packing including labels, instructions and product inserts. Cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food companies are among our clients.

Translating Subtitles for Films

Star Interpreting is expert at translating the spoken word into subtitles for films. We also take a film that is already subtitled and translate the titles into a variety of other languages for international distribution.

Cultural and Linguistic Consultations

Sometimes businesspeople need a general understanding of cultural preferences or linguistic nuances. Clients with some foreign language experience may want to consult with us about the fine points of language or get briefed before encountering another culture.

Rush Services

Unlike many agencies, Star Interpreting encourages clients to bring us time-sensitive tasks. We like taking on urgent needs and take pride in responding quickly and effectively.

***We do not retain copies of your documents. Copying and keeping copies of your documents is your responsibility. We recommend that you make copies immediately.